Thursday, November 18, 2010

old chairs, new look

Over the summer I found 3 of these chairs at the Loveland Vintage and Thrift.  They were 3 for $15 - what a steal!  I thought I'd find super cute fabric and cover them right away. 

 Well, I did one of them that day...

I covered the first chair in a fabric called Freebird by Momo for Moda.  I love the print, but wasn't sure I wanted three of them.  (It's not home dec weight fabric at all - just quilting weight.  I put some thick interfacing on it which helped make it more durable.  Although, who knows how long anything will last around here with our two kiddos racing around!)
I finally brought the other two in from the garage this weekend.  I was waiting for the perfect fabric and just couldn't settle on one, so I found a $3 curtain panel at Target and again thougth, what a steal!  But it was horrible!!  The fabric was so slippery and had no give!  They look fine now (just don't look underneath them!)...
 but next time I will use better material, even if it's not "a steal". 

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