Thursday, November 11, 2010

library books

It's been a long week!  I feel like we have had sick kids on and off for the last 3 weeks and this week topped it off with a trip to the emergency room.  Turns out Brice is allergic to penicillin and he had a bad reaction called serum sickness.  Yuck! (He is doing much better now!)  Last night everything hit me and I was wiped, so during today's naptime I sat on the couch and browsed my collection of library books.

These are just a sampling of all the books I placed on hold! 

My favorites:
The Homemade Home by Sania Pell
Found Style by David and Amy Butler
Handmade Living by Lotta Jansdotter
Stitch by Stitch by Deborah Moebes

And my absolute favorites!
Little Birds by Stash Books

I think I am fully motivated again.

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