Monday, August 30, 2010

homemade clothes

Between watching Project Runway and reading all these different blogs, I've been thinking about sewing my own clothes, or recycling old clothes into something new.  So I've decided to give it a shot with this tunic style shirt. While I've sewn a few dresses for Ella, I have not made anything from a pattern for myself.   Maybe I can finish it for the weekend...  
I've found a few blogs that have tutorials for how to recycle old clothes, and since I always have a Goodwill pile, I'm going to try it out.  Check out At Second Street, especially the hat at the bottom of the page - it's made from an old t-shirt! Now I'm looking at my Goodwill pile in a new light, wondering about the possibilities for Ella and Brice. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

so many ideas, such short naptimes

Every night this week I have been up until at least midnight checking out tons of other quilting blogs and neglecting my own.  There are so many creative people out there!  Not only do I want to be as creative as them, but I want my blog to look just as good!  But this week, my time and energy were lacking, (yes, probably because of all the late nights) and naptimes were especially short, or did not overlap.  But I did get a few things done. 

I started with this...

and finished another tshirt dress/shirt.  Doesn't she look trendy with her jeggings?
an addition to the play room, for displaying artwork.
scrappy, quilted coasters to match my couch and close-to-being-finished tv stand.
and my most favorite project of the week: PILLOWS!! 
Found a great way to make them without zippers - I see many more pillows in my future...with scrappy, quilt blocks, circles, maybe applique...ohhh boy! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Instead of...

doing these

I've been doing these

(my computer makes it look really lemonade yellow - it's more of a butternut squash yellow)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Projects

My first post!  Whooo hooo!  I think I've rewritten the post about 10 times, but at least it's getting done, right?  So, Naptime Craftime...that's what I do!  I have two lovely, little ones that I spend most of the day chasing around, and when naptime comes around it's MY time.  Don't get me wrong - I love playing with my children, but I need something to do during the day that doesn't involve picking up toys or doing laundry!  On this blog I hope to keep track of all my projects and therefore, hold myself accountable for the ones that aren't quite finished!  Here are a few I've worked on this summer:

Chalkboard Refrigerator - just four coats of chalkboard paint and I have a great way to keep Ella busy while I cook.

T-shirt dresses - I started with onesies but Ella has out grown them :( so I moved onto t-shirts.  They are so easy to make, I think they are all she'll wear this fall.

Crayon roll

And my biggest undertaking so far...

a huge, old dresser I got for $5.  My vision is that it will hold our tv, dvds etc and be painted some kind of yellow...maybe turning some drawers into shelves.  Right now, it is torn apart (thanks for the help Margaret!) and primed.  My incentive to finish soon = parking in the garage again.

  Thanks for checking out my blog and stay tuned for more projects!