Monday, September 20, 2010

making clothes

A few weeks ago I wrote about making a tunic style top and while I did end up finishing it that weekend, I was not completely happy with the finished product.  As I wore it around the house, I kept imagining myself with a light saber, like Luke Skywalker - definitely not what I was going for!  Anyway, here's the shirt,
and here's Luke Skywalker.

But after getting some suggestions from my brother's girlfriend (thanks Meg!), and doing some reading about sewing clothes, I'm ready to try again.  I'm thinking 3/4 length sleeves, taking in the sides, and maybe adding ruffles to the neck/collar. 

Kids clothes are SO much easier, especially when my kids are to young to be picky!  Here are some recent items for Ella and Brice.  

i think this cost under $4 to make - and I have left over corduroy, perhaps for a headband

game day corduroy pants - i have decided to make all Brice's pants - his belly just doesn't fit in the store bought ones!


  1. Ok, I finally get the Luke Skywalker comparison. Whoever said lightsabers weren't cool?