Friday, September 24, 2010

how about a shirt with those pants?

After I made the skirts and pants for Ella and Brice, I realized they don't have any shirts that match their new clothes!  While I could go out and buy a few, I thought it would be more fun to try the 90 Minute Shirt tutorial on the blog MADE.  Basically, you use a men's extra large shirt and some knit ribbing.   (I LOVE this blog!  She does everything from making kids clothes to home improvement...check it out!) 

Last weekend I made a trip to Goodwill and found a few men's shirts for $2.  (I also took a few from Brent - shhhh!)  I tore up an old onesie and drew up a pattern.  The first one looked pretty good. 

This was a large men's polo, so I kept the bottom hem and used the original sleeves.

For the second shirt, I wanted it to be long sleeved and a little more loose.  This shirt came from my brother (remember this one Adam?) and ended up sitting in Brent's closet, never used.  

Then of course I had to try making one for Ella.  I wanted it to look more girly, so I tried adding ruffles.  This wasn't quite as easy to sew, there were too many layers...
and then it was way too tight!  Poor girl woke up from her nap all excited and still wanted to wear it, so I'm  finishing up a second one for her to wear tomorrow.

You can bet I'll be at Goodwill's 50% off sale tomorrow - these are addicting!  Seriously, if you have kids and a sewing machine you need to try these out.  Have a great first weekend of Fall! 


  1. Man, high school. I got so many girls with that shirt. Go Brice!