Monday, September 13, 2010

little things

I've been working on some little projects lately.  First up are these two little embroidered houses, inspired by the tutorial and designs from this lovely blog
my 1st try

2nd one - a little wedding gift for my sister and her new husband (they are cyclists)

Also, last week I checked out a Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild meeting and participated in a potholder swap.  Here's what I brought...
the center square is from my Nana's Marimekko collection - my 1st time quilting on my own machine!  (all by myself! without my Mom!) 
And this is what I got...(aren't the scooters cute? I love how she framed one on the front.)

But today I need to get back to reality.  Piano lessons are starting and t-shirt quilts need to be made...
all so I can get paid!!! 


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