Monday, September 27, 2010

dad's shirt refashioned

This weekend my mom gave me a huge bag of old clothes from my brothers and dad.  And of course free is even better than Goodwill, so I started thinking about all the clothes I could make for Ella and Brice.  There were two of these plaid, collared shirts from my dad, so I thought I'd save one to make a dress for Ella and then use the other for me.  (Of course I was too excited to get started, and it was 10 pm, so I forgot to take a before picture.   This "before" picture is of the other shirt!) 
Here's the after.

The sleeves are really the same length...

I took in the sides and sleeves, chopped off the sleeves to 3/4 length and added elastic, removed the collar and used the scraps to make the ruffle.  I think I might take it in a little more above my waist...and I need to get a skinny belt, I think that would look good with it too.  Anyone interested in having me show you how to do it?? 


  1. Love the print, love the style. Classic with a little flair!