Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good finds

After a great weekend spent with family and friends, we made a trip to the local Vintage and Thrift Market and Goodwill.  My great finds...
The wooden spoons and yellow bowls are from Loveland's Vintage and Thrift Market.  The shop is fantastic!  Stop by if you haven't yet.  They are at the corner of Loveland Maderia and Loveland Ave and proceeds go to autism research.  The rest is from Loveland's Goodwill, which recently underwent a renovation and has improved greatly. 

The "Angel Baby" stool has already been recovered and claimed by Ella - everything she did today involved the stool.  She sat on it and played legos, watch Dora on it, "shared" it with her brother and made a fort with it.  All for $3! 

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