Saturday, October 16, 2010

toddler and baby pants

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with refashioning?  Yes, I think I have, but I'm admitting it again.  I can't stop!  Even at 2am when I can't think straight....  This is what I did last night.  I started with a men's XL turtleneck..
and used the sleeves for some skinny baby boy pants. I made little knee patches, the waistband and ankle cuffs out of brown ribbing.  The waistband and knee patches were a pain!  Look at all those pins, the waistband looked even worse! 
But it eventually worked out and here they are this morning!
I had the body and neck of the shirt leftover so I also made some yoga pants for Ella.  I used a pair of her leggings to trace a pattern, making them wider in the leg.  Instead of adding elastic, I took the neck of the turtleneck and sewed it to the top of the pants(any knit would do for the waistband).  These were incredibly easy!  For the next pair, I'm going to try making them a little more fitted at the thigh with more of a flared leg.
And maybe a tutorial sometime? 
 Ella now gets up from her naps and asks "What'd you make me Mama?"


  1. what are you going to make me sis?

  2. He looks like he's wearing fencing pants.

  3. I think I'll have to employ you to make some clothes for me and Lucas. I can't ever seem to make it to the store and everything you make is so cute!