Wednesday, October 6, 2010

skinny baby pants

What do you do when the baby is starting to pull up on furniture, but keeps getting his feet stuck in his pants?  Make skinny pants of course!

They are my new favorite!  I saw a similar pair at Gap and thought I'd try making some.  I used an old polo shirt, and added the ribbed cuffs from the waistband of an old hoodie.  
I think they look a little punk-rockish with the tiny houndstooth print.  
This outfit was made with my new needle.  I got a little heads up from my Mom last weekend when I showed her this shirt.

See the ugly little holes the thread was making in the fabric?  Turns out I needed a special needle for sewing knits.  Duh!  What would I do without my Mom? 

And just for fun... a little doll stroller refashion for Ella.   


  1. Man, Brice would fit in great hanging on Bowery and Houston (punk rock central).