Friday, October 8, 2010

a pink shirt

For most of the kids shirts I've made, I've used the 90 Minute Shirt tutorial.  It's just so easy, and the envelope opening makes it easy to get over big toddler heads!  But I want to start showing more before pictures, and the patterns I use, in case someone else wants to try too!  So this week I started with an old pink shirt...
When I first started making these shirts I also used the pattern making tutorial from Made.  I took apart a long sleeved onesie, and traced it with a seam allowance on some big coloring paper.  (Since I wanted to make both 2T/3T and 18 month sizes I needed two different patterns.  So I used other shirts we had to adjust the sizes.)  Here are my front and sleeve pattern pieces for Ella, compared to a shirt I got from Target.  
I'm not going to give step by step pictures of how I sew the shirt, because you can find it here and she does a great job and explaining it!  But eventually I ended up with this!  I love making shirts this way because you don't have to hem them - just use the existing hem, which I even did for the sleeves on this one.
Brice's are a little easier to fit for some reason.  I've had to adjust Ella's pattern a few times, and I'm still not getting it completely correct.  Can you see how it bunches up under her arms?  That's what I need to fix.  I'm still learning. 

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