Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ripped pants

I was really excited for naptime today.  My plan was to make some pants for Brice to wear at Christmas.  I even thought I'd be able to do a tutorial on pants with a knit waistband.  I used black corduroy and they were coming together great!  Then RRRRR-I-P!! 

The pants tore right down the side seam!  And it was the fabric, not the stitching.  Turns out, this corduroy can tear everywhere -  the pants are now in shreds, in the trash can.  Each time I tore it, I imagined Brice crawling around at Christmas Eve mass, ripping his pants every time he moved!

This corduroy isn't new.  My mom gave it to me and it was probably from when she was making clothes for us kids.  It might be 20 years old!  So maybe the age made it less durable.  I'm going to blame it on that, and move on to the jeans...   

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