Tuesday, March 1, 2011

denim skirt and new fabric

A few weeks ago I ordered this skirt from Old Navy. 

I really liked it online, but when I tried it on I did not like the pleats in the back.  Pleats are cute but not when they make your backside look puffy!  Then on Sunday, I remembered my mom had given me some lightweight denim, (chambray I think).  So I made my own, pleat-less, elastic waistband version. 

I'm pretty happy with the finished product.  It is a little stiff, but will probably get softer with more wash and wear.  I know it would be better to have pictures of me in it, but pale legs and an almost 3 year old photographer just don't cut it.

Also this weekend, I visited a new fabric shop in Cincinnati called Sewn Studio.  There was so much beautiful fabric it was hard to limit myself to two! 

Wouldn't the red cherry print look cute paired with blue for a skirt or sundress for Ella?